YOLDEN ARTS (from 15 Sep to 8 Dec 2018)

YOLDEN ARTs is a programme by the National Youth Council (NYC) in collaboration with Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) and National Arts Council. Its objective is to provide regular interaction with a specific beneficiary group. Youths have the opportunity to deepen their skills and knowledge in that particular sector and thus, will be required to commit for a period of at least 6 months. THK Nursing Home was selected to be part of this program.

30 youth volunteers from NYC visited the Home regularly for 10 sessions to spend time with 12 of our elderly residents. Sensory Art, a program by NAC, were taught to the residents and assisted by the youth volunteers. Befriending the elderly was the main objective while assisting the resident work on the art activity.

The last session on 8th Dec ended with a Christmas Party that included a visit by Santa for the 12 residents with a game of Bingo.  A gallery of all the art works done by the 12 resident were put up on display. A memento of handmade picture frame by youth from each group were given to the resident in their group with a picture of them and the resident.

Our Thanks to NYC, AIC and NAC and especially to all the youth volunteers for making this YOLDEN ARTs programme a success and for bringing happiness and friendship to our 12 elderly residents. We look forward to welcome you back again next year with a new program.

Association of Rooms Division Executives Singapore (ARDE)

Our Nursing Home was pleased to Welcome the members of ARDE Singapore, an association of hoteliers from various hotels, to spend their Sunday morning of exercise, karaoke and Bingo activities with the residents.  Prizes were given to Bingo winners and everyone was a winner.

Ms Adeline Teoh, President of ARDE, presented a cheque of $10,000 donated to the Home after the event.  Thank you ARDE for this generous donation. We look forward to the association visit again next year.

NEX Venture – Indoor Gardening

Residents who loved gardening were treated to Indoor Gardening activity sponsored by Nex Venture Company.  A mix of volunteers came to engage and assist the residents with the planting of plants in recycle bottles. It was a great and fun experience for all the residents. Each resident had their name written and tag to the plant. This is for residents to take care of their plant by watering them.

Nex Venture has also sponsored in making the planter boxes placed in each ward on the veranda whereby the resident can keep their plants. The veranda was a good place where there is direct sunlight for the plant to grow. After the gardening activity, residents were treated to a karaoke session and buffet of gifts for them to choose from sponsored by the volunteers.

Thank you Nex Venture for sponsoring this indoor gardening therapy program providing the residents with the plants, soil, recycle bottles for the potting the plant and the planter boxes. Thank you as well to the volunteers for providing the gifts for the residents and entertainment. We look forward to January 2019 for the next indoor gardening therapy session.

Helping to Clean by KOI THÈ

KOI THÈ a beverage company creating blended flavoured tea and bubble tea had 50 of their staff from retail and management visit our Home. The activity was for the volunteers was to clean all hospital bedframes in the wards supervised. Volunteers were grouped into 10 teams with each team assigned to one cubical in the ward for cleaning of the bedframes and engage with the residents. Cleaning equipment and chemical was provided by the Home.

Thank you volunteers of KOI THÈ for cleaning our resident’s beds and chairs. You guys did a fantastic job. Thank you for your donations in-kind of adult diapers, milk and other beverage products and many other items as well your monetary donations. Your contributions will help our residents have a better quality of life and age gracefully. We hope to welcome you back again next year.

Visit by Ean Keng Si Buddhist Temple

Our residents had a wonderful time singing along and watching the performance of artist rendering oldies in Chinese and English by the volunteers from Ean Keng Si Buddhist Temple. There are were sumptuous snacks as well for the residents during the performance provided by the temple volunteers.  It was an enjoyable Sunday for the residents.

Thank you volunteers from Ean Keng Si Buddhist Temple for your support and bring cheer and joy to our elderly folks in the Home. We look forward to welcome you back again next year.

Opera for the residents

9 performers from Bukit Batok CC, DO Opera troupe performed a Hokkien Opera “Ge Zai Xi” for our residents in our hall. The performers did a fantastic performance with colourful Chinese opera costume, music and dance. It was a memorable and enjoyable experience for our elderly residents to re-live the days of Chinese opera.

Thank you Bukit Batok CC, DO Opera troupe for this memorable event. We hope to see them back again with another performance next year.

GIC Event

Staff from the Human Resources and Organisation Department (HROD) from The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC Pte Ltd) hosted and event in the Home for the elderly residents on the 30th November 2018.

A fun activity was well planned by the organisers of HROD for the residents. Starting the event with a Singapore exercise workout. Next was decorating individual photo frame with stickers. A photo booth was set-up by the organisers for residents to take a picture individually or with their buddy volunteer. Residents had fun taking their pictures using fun props provided. Copies of the pictures were printed and given to the residents for them to insert in their photo frame to keep while the other picture was pasted on a board with personal words Thanking the staff of THK Nursing Home by the residents. Karaoke was not to be missed and residents enjoyed the sing-a-long and dancing. It a most enjoyable day for both the elderly and GIC volunteers.

Thank you GIC HROD for arranging a fun fill day with our elderly residents. The residents will cherish the time spent and memories of the event every time they look at the pictures of them and the volunteer. You guys are awesome. Thank you for your generous monetary donations via our “PayNow” QR code. We hope that you will visit us again next year.

Buddhist Life Mission 2nd visit

This is the 2nd visit of Buddhist Life Mission to our Nursing Home and what an amazing event they have put up for the residents with Tai Ji and Chinese solo dance performances, Karaoke and balloon making into various shapes and sumptuous tea break.

The residents were enjoying the afternoon with the volunteers sing along and those on wheelchair were dancing. Soft toy presents where given to all the residents.  Everyone had a great time. We are looking forward to their next visit in January 2019. Look out for it in our volunteer page under events forecast.

Hillcrest Girls Club for Primary school

Hillcrest Girls Club for Primary school children paid a visit to our Nursing Home on 23.11.18 as part of their camping trip to engage with the elderly. This was part of their learning journey to building compassion, patience and understanding of the elderly in our community.

The intergeneration event was a fun filled activity of Bingo and Carolling performance. Both residents and the girls had a great time together and interacting.

Thank you Hillcrest Girls Club and we hope to welcome you back again next year.