Nagomi Pastel Art Exhibition

Nagomi Pastel Art Exhibition

Publish on: 17, Nov 2019

Residents who attend the Nagomi Pastel Art workshop were invited to attend the opening ceremony of the first  Nagomi Pastel Art exhibition held at the Visual Art Centre on 16 November for invited guests. 

8 workshop sessions by Nagomi Pastel Art conducted by instructor Doris Yu, Mona, Tan Ping Ming, Dawn Ng and Chew Pheck Geok with assistance from Hillcrest Girls Club volunteers. The creative art pieces theme LOVE created by the residents were on display at the exhibition along with many beautiful Nagomi Art pieces done by various artists from adults to children.

Our  residents were excited to see their art pieces on display. This was a first for THKNH to have its residents art pieces display. The exhibited art pieces were also sold to the public at various prices. Each of our residents art piece was sold at $100. The proceeds from the sale will go the Home. 

Watch the video and enjoy.