COVID 19 Vaccination Related

Dear Caregivers, MOH has offered priority to NH residents for COVID-19 vaccination. As COVID-19 can have serious effects (including death) for older persons, MOH strongly encourages NH residents to be vaccinated. This will protect your loved one in the NH. The NH will arrange for the vaccination to be conducted free of charge.

Please refer to the two links below for (a) COVID 19 Vaccination information sheet available in 4 languages as well as the (b) consent form for your submission to us.  These consent forms are also available upon request at our reception counter.

Kindly let us know your decision via at email or phone at 87829741 or in person by 20 Jan 2021.

Thank you for your kind understanding and support.

From The Management of THK Nursing Home Limited

“各位家属, 卫生部已向本院的居民优先提供冠状病毒的疫苗接种。 由于冠状病毒对老年人可能造成严重影响(包括死亡),因此卫生部强烈建议为您的家属接种疫苗,以保护您的亲人。本院将安排免费进行疫苗接种

若需有关冠状病毒疫苗接种的更多信息,请按以下的文件夹以获取a) 四种语言的冠状病毒疫苗接种的信息表以及b) 接种疫苗的同意书 。若同意让你的家属接种疫苗,便可下载同意书,或在我们的接待台索取。 

请您在二零二一年一月二十日 (20/01/2021) 之前通过电子邮件 或拨打87829741告诉我们您的决定。


COVID 19 Vaccination information sheet4
COVID 19 Vaccination
Declaration/Consent form
Download Here
A_Vaccination Information Sheet
Download Here
B_COVID 19 Vaccination Form_Consent


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