YOLDEN ARTS (from 15 Sep to 8 Dec 2018)

YOLDEN ARTS (from 15 Sep to 8 Dec 2018)

Publish on: 10, Dec 2018

YOLDEN ARTs is a programme by the National Youth Council (NYC) in collaboration with Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) and National Arts Council. Its objective is to provide regular interaction with a specific beneficiary group. Youths have the opportunity to deepen their skills and knowledge in that particular sector and thus, will be required to commit for a period of at least 6 months. THK Nursing Home was selected to be part of this program.

30 youth volunteers from NYC visited the Home regularly for 10 sessions to spend time with 12 of our elderly residents. Sensory Art, a program by NAC, were taught to the residents and assisted by the youth volunteers. Befriending the elderly was the main objective while assisting the resident work on the art activity.

The last session on 8th Dec ended with a Christmas Party that included a visit by Santa for the 12 residents with a game of Bingo.  A gallery of all the art works done by the 12 resident were put up on display. A memento of handmade picture frame by youth from each group were given to the resident in their group with a picture of them and the resident.

Our Thanks to NYC, AIC and NAC and especially to all the youth volunteers for making this YOLDEN ARTs programme a success and for bringing happiness and friendship to our 12 elderly residents. We look forward to welcome you back again next year with a new program.