Life Goes On… Even in a Nursing Home

Life Goes On… Even in a Nursing Home

Publish on: 07, Aug 2018

According to the Alzheimer’s Disease Association, over 22,000 people currently suffer from Alzheimer’s disease in Singapore. Sadly, 80-year-old Madam W is included in this alarming statistic as well. But unlike those who go through this terrible ordeal alone, the cheerful old lady has the support of her three loving daughters.

Madam W lived with her youngest daughter in a 4-room flat together with her son-in-law and two grandchildren. Being with family is what kept the smile on Madam W’s face. Her youngest daughter kept her company and cooked her delicious meals.

She would also bring Madam W to buy groceries at times. At home, they enjoy talking and making jokes as they munch on some biscuits and drink hot tea. They also watch television when it was too hot to go outside.

Madam W’s two other daughters visit her often, bringing her favourite fruits and baked goods. They will take her out for a walk to exercise her muscles and enjoy a bit of fresh air. After spending some time outside, Madam W would come back home with renewed energy and tons of stories to share with her grandchildren.

If not for the fact that she was getting a lot older and weaker, Madam W’s life would have been perfect. She had fallen several times while trying to go outside on her own. This worried her family very much.

After suffering from yet another fall, the team of specialists at the Singapore General Hospital strongly advised Madam W’s children to provide the elderly with round-the-clock monitoring and care. The medical team’s recommendation was also due to the fact that apart from having to endure painful therapies, the 80-year-old’s Alzheimer’s condition was also getting worse coupled with the onset of other medical conditions.

Madam W’s three daughters were devastated, her youngest especially so, who wanted to care for her at home. However, none of them can afford to be with Madam W and look after her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Left with no choice but to send her to a nursing facility, the three sisters chose their preferred care facility in Singapore – Thye Hua Kwan Nursing Home (THKNH).

Madam W’s children were still worried that their elderly mother would be lonely as she was used to having family around. They were anxious that she would not be able to adjust to a nursing home set-up, which could worsen her condition.

All their fears were left unfounded when they saw how easily Madam W adjusted to the life at THKNH. It helped that the facility was filled with activities she enjoys and aptly-suited to her. Since the home is bustling with people every day, Madam W has no time to feel lonely. In fact, she had made plenty of friends.

Since THKNH strives towards providing quality round-the-clock care to their patients, the home’s team of dedicated staff, therapists and volunteers worked towards ensuring that Madam W’s condition would improve. Currently, the 80-year-old can manage her toileting independently.

Madam W may suffer from a cognitive impairment, but it has become a bit of a blessing in disguise. Since she always forgets where she is, she starts every day with excitement as she believes that she just stepped in at THKNH. The staff at THKNH, on the other hand, gladly welcomes her again and again.

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