Improved Quality of Life in a Nursing Home

Improved Quality of Life in a Nursing Home

Publish on: 07, Aug 2018

59-year-old Mr. S had led a pretty difficult and challenging life. He is a divorcee who has lost contact with his former wife and his only daughter. None of the two knew or even cared about what has been going on with his life.

Mr. S used to live independently by relying on his salary as a security guard. His job may not pay much but it was enough for him to live a decent life. Unfortunately, he got involved in a road traffic accident about seven years ago causing serious brain injury.

He underwent craniotomy to address the damage, but he was never the same since the accident. Mr. S had to stop working and rely on his family for financial support. While he has six siblings, none of them was able to help him as they also had their own family obligations to attend to first.

Mr. S soon was left to depend on his elderly mother and step-father for financial support. He also lived with them in a 3-room flat together with a nephew.

A mother’s love truly goes beyond any bounds or limits, which is why despite her old age and limited income as a cleaner, Mr. S’s mother continued to care for him and provide for his needs. The family’s financial situation became more serious since the elderly couple was left to support themselves, the educational needs of their grandson, and Mr. S.

Unfortunately, one can only do so much, especially a mother who’s already frail and suffering from various health conditions due to old age as well. Mr. S’s mother may have the will to support him, but her body and pockets can no longer do so. Nonetheless, his mother did not abandon him but did what was best in the situation, which was to send him to Thye Hua Kwan Nursing Home (THKNH).

Apart from the effects of the accident, Mr. S was also suffering from anaemia when he entered the nursing home facility. The team of care staff at THKNH also took note of his former drug dependence problem as this could have an impact on his current psychological health.

Thanks to the passionate and dedicated team of specialists at THKNH, Mr. S immediately showed marked improvement in his social demeanour and other aspects of personality. Although Mr. S still requires some assistance in some of his activities of daily living (ADL), he is still considered relatively independent.

The person-centered care at THKNH also helped him to develop a sense of responsibility, not only for himself but those around him as well. The staff at THKNH is proud to see Mr. S extending help to other patients in the nursing home, particularly those who have trouble walking or moving.

Unlike the sullen and withdrawn man who first entered THKNH, Mr. S has become more cheerful and sociable. He actively participates in all the activities at the home and is quick in making new friends. His infectious smile and warm words also help brighten the mood of other residents.

With Mr. S’s new positive outlook and improving life, his mother had made the right decision of sending him to THKNH, truly embodying the saying that, “A mother knows best.”

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