From Living in Darkness to Going Back into the Light

From Living in Darkness to Going Back into the Light

Publish on: 07, Aug 2018

Mr. L used to be a strong and capable family head until he was diagnosed with numerous medical conditions – post herpetic neuralgia, chest infection, and abdominal issues. All these health issues caused him his strength and his independence.

He was only 57 years old, but Mr. L felt like his life was nearing the end. He was supposed to be out at work providing for his family but instead, his frail body left him unable to care even for himself. Feeling the weight of being a burden to his wife, Mr. L eventually fell into depression.

His wife’s heart was breaking seeing him slowly falling into a bottomless despair. Mr. L lost interest in life and his being bound to a wheelchair aggravated his condition. He hardly eats and the man who used to have a lot of stories to tell suddenly became quiet and withdrawn.

Mr. L’s wife often had a hard time getting him out of bed. In his wife’s eyes, he appeared like a broken man. His wife knew he needed professional help because no amount of support from her seemed to make him feel better.

While the idea of sending Mr. L to a nursing home was saddening, his wife had taken consolation in the fact that once he is all better, they can be together again. Knowing he needed the best care, Mr. L’s wife chose to send him to Thye Hua Kwan Nursing Home (THKNH), one of their preferred care facilities in Singapore.

The team of specialists at THK knew that Mr. L’s case would be challenging as he was depressed, wheelchair-bound, and suffering from several medical issues. But then again, Mr. L’s situation was not new to them. In fact, the care team at THKNH had taken in people who are in far worse states.

The team at THKNH immediately worked on a care plan to improve Mr. L’s situation. All of them focused on the goals of helping Mr. L recover from his depression, manage his illnesses, and help him walk again. Mr. L may have been doubtful of the nursing and therapeutic staff initially, but he eventually learned to trust them after seeing how passionately they worked to help him.

He participates in various social activities, so he can be exposed to more people and make friends. This helped in bringing him out of his depressive state. Mr. L also underwent physiotherapy to assist with his mobility problems.

Slowly but surely, Mr. L did not only find his smile back but regained most of his muscle strength as well. From being completely dependent on his wheelchair for movement, Mr. L finally walked again with the aid of a walking frame.

After only 11 months, Mr. L was finally discharged from the nursing home and was reunited with his wife as a new man. While both Mr. L and his wife are living happily caring for their two grandchildren, the former patient has not forgotten THKNH as he continues to visit the caring and professional team of specialists regularly.

Mr. L is grateful that unlike other nursing homes that merely care for the daily needs of patients, THKNH helped him not only to improve his medical issues but to work towards successfully reintegrating back to the community.

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