Cosmetic Therapy

Cosmetic Therapy

Publish on: 31, Mar 2019

A Cosmetic Therapy was introduced by Ms Felicia Koh to 4 female residents. A total of 9 workshop session every Monday, started on 4th March and ending on 29th April 2019. Felicia conducted the sessions herself introducing to the residents how to apply make-up from eye shadow, lipstick, facial powder and types of colours that would suit the ladies.

The ladies thoroughly enjoyed the session as it is not every day they get to use make-up and look beautiful.

Felicia, a Year 4 Industrial Design student from NUS is currently working on her final year thesis project which is mainly aimed at patients with early onset dementia, to help alleviate symptoms and enhance their quality of life through the use of cosmetics as a therapeutic activity. The benefits and positive effects of cosmetics, specifically makeup, has been researched and explored by Shiseido through their Cosmetic Therapy Program. They found that making a routine of applying makeup can help elderly women improve their muscle strength as well as an improvement in dementia symptoms.

Thank you Felicia and we wish you every success in your thesis. We hope that you will continue to conduct more sessions for our female residents after your final year.

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