Shangri-La Hotel Group’s Donation and Engagement session

Shangri-La Hotel Group’s Donation and Engagement session

Publish on: 29, Oct 2018

We were excited to have the Management Team of Shangri-La Hotel Group and Central Laundry Team visit our Home on 26th October to spend an afternoon of fun filled activities with sing-a-long and rounds of Bingo game with our residents.

A truck load of donations in-kind was delivered with groceries, T-shirts, and many other items that will certainly be useful for the Home and for the residents. A personal cash donation of $1,000 was donated by the Shangri-la Hotel Group CEO and received by our CEO, Mr Ardi Hardjoe.

285 gift hampers were specially gift wrapped by the Management staff of Shangri-la Hotel Group and Central Laundry containing slippers, t-shirt, towels and soap for each of our residents.

The visit was in line with Shangri-la Hotel Group CEO’s vision to be leader in ‘’all areas of work and chase the wind’’ within the Group.  By giving back to the community is one area of the work as a socially responsibly business group.

Thank you Shangri-la Hotel Group, you certainly brought cheer and joy to our residents. We look forward working towards a sustainable CSR with the Shangri-la Hotel Group.