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AIC With You Blog – Digital Connection Helps Seniors Live Well During COVID-19

CNA News 17 Jul 20 – Nursing Homes Have to Turn Away Some Visitors to meet max capacity

Channel 8 News 10 Jul 20 – Polling Day Arrangements for Nursing Home Residents

CNA News 19 Jun 20 – Singapore enters Phase 2: Emotional reunion with loved ones in nursing homes

Coronavirus: Living apart for the sake of others, nursing home staff miss their families




“刷新计划”召集600义工 给低收入家庭和年长者送暖

Straits Times, 14 Dec 19 – 600 young volunteers, including university students, spread festive cheer in the north-east district

Fri 13 Dec 2019 – Our Lives With Dogs 2: Paws That Heal

AIC Mosaic, 14 Jan 2019: Volunteers extend “Healing Paws” to persons with dementia

TODAY, 20 Aug 2018: The Big Read: Strides made in eldercare, but concerns arise over affordability and lack of information

Lianhe Zaobao, Eldershield 28 May 2018


Channel 8 News on THK 40th Anniversary Celebration, 29 May 2018

德教太和观庆祝40周年 推出“稻米计划”关怀弱势人群

Channel 8 News on THK Charity Show 2018, 19 March 2018

《太和观一心一德为善乐2018》 筹472万元善款

The Straits Times, 19 March 2018

Shin Min Daily News, 12 April 2017