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07, Oct 2019

Why I Feel My Work is Important: Reflections of a Social Work Assistant

“A nursing home is a place for old people lor!” […]

07, Aug 2018

Life Goes On… Even in a Nursing Home

According to the Alzheimer’s Disease Association, over 22,000 people currently […]

07, Aug 2018

Improved Quality of Life in a Nursing Home

59-year-old Mr. S had led a pretty difficult and challenging […]

07, Aug 2018

From Living in Darkness to Going Back into the Light

Mr. L used to be a strong and capable family […]

02, Mar 2018

Going Beyond Nursing Care

According to Betty Friedan, “Aging is not lost youth but […]

08, Feb 2018

Behind the Scenes: A Nursing Home

An interview with Mr. Soh. Interviewers: Jeslyn and Michelle Writer: […]